Miami University Retirement Plan

Voya Financial is proud to be a provider of the Miami University 401(a) / Alternative Retirement Plan and 403(b) plans.
The ARP is an alternative option to the state retirement system (OPERS/STRS).  For supplemental retirement plan savings, the university offers a 403(b) plan.
New employees have a 120 day open enrollment period to chose between the state plan and ARP.  This is a one time opportunity and after 120 days you will default into the state plan.  Therefore it is critically important that you make an informed decision.
Choosing the retirement provider that is right for you:
Will I have a personal advisor to meet with me on campus or virtually?
Yes, your Representative from Voya Financial Advisors will meet with you at your building or via video conference at a time that is convenient for you.  This will include an initial meeting to set up your account and subsequent account reviews which are scheduled at least annually.  Initial consultation with new employees can compare the state and ARP options.
How will I know if I am on track for retirement?
We use Morningstar® research and analysis to help determine an investment’s quality/viability
Your Voya Financial Advisors Representative will be able to assess your retirement preparedness and help you make adjustments to reach your goals.
Will my advisor be accredited?
Our team includes Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors (CRPC®), Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) and Investment Advisor Representatives.  Your advisor will be experienced with University of Cincinnati employee benefits and retirement plans.
Total fees vary by investment selection.  Strategies to reduce fees will be discussed.
Next Step:
Schedule a time to discuss your options further with an in-person or virtual meeting at or call 513-651-5224 or email 
Or enroll online: and use Plan Number 664463 and Verification Number 029156
You will also need to submit the Miami University ARP Election form.